Wednesday, 19 June 2013

OJ's Movie Review - Man of Steel

Okay! The new, modern, Zack Snydered Superman is here! Lets review:

  So lets start off with my previous experiences with Superman - comics? Never read them. Original run of films? I faintly remember seeing the first two; after that I then saw Superman Returns only last year because nothing else was on TV, so I wasn't really bothered about superman but then I saw this awesome trailer with action, proper sci-fi, realistic shots and it was looked great. It really made me want to see Man of Steel. So I went to the cinema and watched it. The movie itself; I really really really loved the beginning - yes, you get this entire alien world with alien creatures and alien ships and alien landscapes, it's really cool to watch, it reminded me of Avatar in some ways, with how they made the scenes look; so everything's happening on Krypton and they send baby to Earth... and now he's an adult. Yes, they go through his childhood through lengthy flashbacks, which I'm not really a big fan of; I like my chronology. So that kinda disappointed me and then because of these flashbacks we're about half-way into the film until the actual plot begins. Zod and everything comes down and now we have some real action scenes - a lot of them. The last hour I think no one actually takes a break, its just action, action, action. Although it had really good CGI and things falling apart, super hero and villain smashing buildings, the usual sci-fi movie stuff that we enjoy, I have to say I did yawn during this. I don't know why, the scenes were pretty epic, but unfortunately, you've seen this formula before. So all-in-all Man of Steel wasn't as good as I expected but a good watch anyway.

Friday, 14 June 2013

OJ's TV Review - Person of Interest season 2

 Really, what kind of name is Root?

  So here we go, season 2 of Person of Interest, if you've read my first review you'll know I likened it a lot to the film Eagle Eye but its come much further away from that now - this really is a show with mystery and interest. I said last review that it had 3 story arcs, and those were the mystery of the machine, the HR group & it's dealings, and then Alias's story line. Now in season 2 they expand much more on the HR plot point and it becomes the focus of most episodes and has disastrous results for a few characters, the story behind the machine also gets a little clearer but you'r still left in the dark on a few things and even gives you new questions to consider, Alias isn't really a main point in the series now, he has his appearances which help move the episodes along but really he's in the background. Some new arcs that have come about is the character of 'Root' - aa clever, but insane, hacker who views most people as "bad code", and for some reason wants to set the machine 'free' or something so that was interesting and gives some heart-pumping scenes. So all-in-all Person of Interest is still pretty enjoyable, they've got a new minor character who's scenes are very comedic and Finch & John now have dog too which is fun, so yes if you enjoyed season one then keep watching and the last episode really leaves you some pondering thoughts.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

OJ's Movie Review - Fast & Furious 6

Oh well, maybe next time.

Fast & Furious 6. Wow. Six. The sixth film of the franchise - a franchise which started off as a little racing movie and then an undercover cop movie and then a Japanese drifting movie and then something else and then a heist and really this franchise has gone everywhere, which so far I think is pretty good - I've enjoyed watching these movies; Fast Five I thought was great and was was pretty looking forward to the whole Letty mystery; and then I watched Fast & Furious 6. Now, some parts of this movie I liked, it was good, what you'd expect from an F&F movie but for quite a bit there was just pointless things. I mean really pointless things, scenes that happened that made you question what on earth was going on, most of this was due to unnecessary violence - and I don't mean "oh! lots of people fighting, I don't like it!" I mean really, people just walk into a room and suddenly they fight - for no reason! That got a bit annoying; and then talking of unnecessary things: Letty. Yes, the entire Letty mystery wasn't needed at all; the only reason I could see for bringing her back was to give Dom some motivation to get the bad guys and extra screen time for Paul Walker, that whole thing could have been done better. But apart from all that, the racing was fun to watch and you can laugh at the humor, even if some was unintended. I recommend it for the Fast & Furious fans but not for the average movie goer unless all you want in a movie is 'who's The Rock gonna beat up next?'.
    The very last scene though is almost worth the whole movie, it ties in Tokyo Drift exeltantly and sets up next years Fast & Furious 7.