Monday, 31 December 2012

OJ Reviewing: 2012

My first review this year is the movie 2012!
  OK, so right now most people have put this film in the comedy section but I've just re-watched it and here is my view. 2012 is obviously about the world ending on the Mayan date of December 21st (I remember; it was a Friday) and it revolves around one man and his family surviving. So the bad parts; none of it came true, the acting was a little shabby and was just a mash up of heavy CGI. But when you actually watch it as just a disaster movie and forget the dates at the bottom of the screen or the stupid reasons its all happening and just watch it, its not half bad. The whole impossibility is fun to watch and the awesome CGI is enjoyable to see as it is not rubbish at all. Also the characters you sometimes actually wanted to survive and emotional scenes feature a lot. It may be an hour or 30 minuets to long but by the end you feel like, well, you just watched the end of the world. So just go and sit down to watch this and view it as just a full on disaster movie and 2 & a half hours of fun CG effects.

By the way, even though this post says it was published on 31st December 2012, I can tell you I wrote and posted this review in 2013; so you can either see this as my last review of 2012, or first review n 2013 - either way I don't mind.

Sunday, 30 December 2012

OJ Reviewing: Wild at Heart - Finale Special

 I admit, I only started watching from Series 2 but this is a good show.

  The finale. The end of ends. The last ever episode, feature-length and stand alone. This episode concludes the six years we've known the Trevanion's living in Africa. As with most episodes it has a main plot and a small plot, but the difference is, they swap around; the small plot becomes what the whole episode was heading for while the big plot became just a last adventure story for the fans. It deals with the many struggles of each character and defiantly shows off the signature animal surgery scene. With a few references here and there this last episode became a roller-coaster of emotion and by the end you'll need your tissues. Some revelations occur with very happy parts as well was the very sad. The finale special of Wild at Heart is truly a fitting end to the wonderful show.

Saturday, 29 December 2012

OJ Reviewing: Signs

Gibson, Phoenix, aliens...

  I didn't know much about M. Night Shyamalan when watching this, and yes, I did see The Village before this, so my opinion of his films are..... not that bad. Against popular opinion I quite like his movies; admittedly I've only seen 3 of them, but they are good. And out that I think Signs is the best and a very good, clever and unnerving film. The premise is an ex-priest who's wife was killed and so he lost his faith; 6 months later and strange things are happening to the town and his cornfields. Now this film isn't your usual alien invasion film; it doesn't have the military  or the space-tech or any of that, it literally gives you the view of an unfortunate civilian living with his family. The whole film is basically set inside a house giving you the almost claustrophobic feeling, and then there's the eerie shots and quick flashes of 'something' that really scares you and freaks you out. Let me tell you, after watching this on a dark night you won't be turning the lights off for a while, or sleeping for that matter. This film is also very funny. The dialogue is very humorous almost relaxing you before the scene of terror comes;  there is a lot of suspense and thought provoking ideas that leave you wanting more. So go see it and tell me your thoughts on Signs.

Monday, 3 December 2012

OJ Reviewing: Jurassic Park The Game

Jurassic Park is my probably my all-time favourite movie and now they have a game!

  So I liked Operation Genesis, but this is an actual story, set inside the events of Jurassic Park the film and after. I've never played a game like this before and I really enjoyed it. The graphics were good and the storyline definatly had a few twists. As you play you sometimes expect things and sometimes you don't which is really good. It is split up into 4 Episodes and each episode is like a film of its own with all the credits coming up at the beginning on the screen with Director's names and things that made it feel like you were watching a movie. The characters you start to like and get along with and watching them is fun and then if you are too slow (like me) you get to see them being eaten. The dinosaurs I really liked; they had all the classics from the first film and along with some awesome new ones ans I especially like the places they take you; some parts you never knew existed. The game play was good as well, sometimes there are trick controls and you have to be really quick using the arrow keys (if on PC version) and you have to look for things in some scenery and you may have to do things in a certain order which is good. So overall I really liked the game, probably as much as the movie and will go back through some of he scenarios to get Gold medals as sometimes you get Gold, Silver, or Bronze if you do well.