Saturday, 29 December 2012

OJ Reviewing: Signs

Gibson, Phoenix, aliens...

  I didn't know much about M. Night Shyamalan when watching this, and yes, I did see The Village before this, so my opinion of his films are..... not that bad. Against popular opinion I quite like his movies; admittedly I've only seen 3 of them, but they are good. And out that I think Signs is the best and a very good, clever and unnerving film. The premise is an ex-priest who's wife was killed and so he lost his faith; 6 months later and strange things are happening to the town and his cornfields. Now this film isn't your usual alien invasion film; it doesn't have the military  or the space-tech or any of that, it literally gives you the view of an unfortunate civilian living with his family. The whole film is basically set inside a house giving you the almost claustrophobic feeling, and then there's the eerie shots and quick flashes of 'something' that really scares you and freaks you out. Let me tell you, after watching this on a dark night you won't be turning the lights off for a while, or sleeping for that matter. This film is also very funny. The dialogue is very humorous almost relaxing you before the scene of terror comes;  there is a lot of suspense and thought provoking ideas that leave you wanting more. So go see it and tell me your thoughts on Signs.

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