Sunday, 30 December 2012

OJ Reviewing: Wild at Heart - Finale Special

 I admit, I only started watching from Series 2 but this is a good show.

  The finale. The end of ends. The last ever episode, feature-length and stand alone. This episode concludes the six years we've known the Trevanion's living in Africa. As with most episodes it has a main plot and a small plot, but the difference is, they swap around; the small plot becomes what the whole episode was heading for while the big plot became just a last adventure story for the fans. It deals with the many struggles of each character and defiantly shows off the signature animal surgery scene. With a few references here and there this last episode became a roller-coaster of emotion and by the end you'll need your tissues. Some revelations occur with very happy parts as well was the very sad. The finale special of Wild at Heart is truly a fitting end to the wonderful show.

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