Thursday, 28 February 2013

OJ's Book Review - Code

SNUP! So, the whole idea of the second book was so they could have tech in their base?

   Lol, I'm just joking, but I am glad they used the plot points from Seizure to tie in. In trilogies, the best one is usually the first or the last and in this case it is defiantly the last. Code is most unlike the first two and more darker as well; the whole plot is like something you'd see in a movie and is really fun to follow; every character from the series is in this book as I wasn't expecting to see one or two of them but they all do something with the plot and as you know I like references and this book defiantly referred to a few points from Virals every now and again. Code also referenced things were might see in the future; yes the end of this book certainly sets up a 4th even though I understood it to be a trilogy, so, we'll have to see. In the end I really liked Code and towards the end is a really gripping sequence of events that leave you wanting more - but that's just it, with Kathy Reichs' Virals series it's only really the end that makes it good, the bits before and the beginning I'm not that interested in picking up as soon as I can, I can say I have read others where I've spent every spare minute reading but with these - even though they are good and have a sense of realism using the technical terms - I'm not always drawn straight from the beginning. But if you have read the first two you should defiantly get a hold of Code as it is very good and unearths some interesting secrets.

Monday, 25 February 2013

OJ's TV Review - Primeval: New World season 1

Wow. After 5 years of Primeval we get a spin-off. How well does it fair?

Primeval: New World is now set in Canada and very much like the UK series you have a main male character and something happens to his wife. This urges him to research about the anomalies and hunt dinosaurs with a few friends. Now in the first few episodes they established and created everything that first 4 series of the UK Primeval did. I mean it took until series 3 to point out that anomalies effect mythology whereas in New World they stated it in episode two. And also some episodes did feel like remakes - a lot; honestly, on some episodes it's like someone got the original screenplay and then just changed names and locations. But apart from all that it was very enjoyable; they kept making references to Primeval every now and again and the ARC plays an role in there too. So I think it is a pretty good spin-off to one of my favorite shows and it even brought new story-lines and events what were quite new but also a lot of plots that we'd seen before back in the UK. It did end on a cliff-hanger like pretty much every Primeval series did and unfortunately it has now been cancelled so we will never see season 2; but like I said, this spin-off was a good run and pays homage to its roots so that was good.
  I suppose that's the end of the Primeval franchise all together now then but I hope people remember this great piece of entertainment.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

OJ's Game Review - New Super Mario Bros. Wii

It's been out a while and I waited so I could get the cheaper one and I had to complete the game so finally: my review!

New Super Mario Bros. Wii, I enjoy Mario games a lot and have loved playing Mario Kart so when I saw this advertised I thought I must have it. And so as the months went on I finally bought it; I'd played it before at a friends house but not extensively and eventually when I inserted that disc into my Wii console I played every single day, that was January 14th (2013) and now all the way into February 19th I still have two Star Coins to get! So it is defiantly a challenge for me and probably for most others. I can't really review the plot because it's not about the plot, its about playing the game. All the plot really is is that Princess Peach is kidnapped and Mario has to save her from Bowser, there is a sort of plot twist towards the end but nothing major. The game play though is super fun; I played a bit of the Mario on the computer every now and again so I knew the mechanics of how to do things but on the TV it was a blast. I liked that you got to go to different worlds and then there were secret exits and other cool stuff. The enemies were harder than I imagined (you know what I mean for those of you on 9-5 without a penguin suit!) and some of the over-all levels where pretty tricky and I admit I had to call in a friend to help on one or two, but multi-player is lots of fun too. I liked the whole landscape and look of each world as well, my least favourite  though, is World 3, I don't know what It was, I just didn't enjoy it. But I've had loads of fun playing the game and hopefully will do in the future.