Monday, 22 October 2012

OJ Reviewing: War Horse (novel)

Well, I've seen the movie which I reviewed here:

After seeing the movie I was interested of how the book went as it had come out first. It is a Michael Morpurgo book and I had read some of his other ones and I really liked them, no naturally I was looking forward to War Horse. Now, when you're reading you can definitely see it is meant for younger people, say 7-13 or something. I liked how it was done but it was all very simple and changed from one thing to another quickly whereas in the film they blended one scene into another. I didn't realise how much the film changed; parts that look maybe 2 days in the book took five minuets in the film and I think they missed out a whole week from the book. I don't know if my review would be different if I'd read the book first but this time I'm not as keen on it as Morpurgo's other books which I think are brilliant. So for me I prefer the film but the book does give a little information on the horse and background to the rest of the world.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

OJ Reviewing: The Magic of Belle Isle

Don't you dare say you don't like Morgan Freeman! LOL.

 The Magic of Belle Isle, sounds a bit cheesy doesn't it? Well, it's not. It has a disabled Morgan Freeman who gives up on life until finding a single mother with three girls. You think it will be predictable but not as much as you think; I thought it had a really good story and enjoyed it the whole way through. I loved the humour in this movie because who doesn't like a good laugh and the jokes in this film will make anybody laugh. I like the ways the characters were brought out and some really good ones that taught you about life and stuff.  So I really would recommend this to everyone as it is good family entertainment which you don't get to often, so forget the rubbish you're going to watch tonight and see The Magic of Belle Isle.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

OJ Reviewing: Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

Yemen is country? He He, I knew that...

 Meh, I wasn't particularly bothered about this film and didn't really care if I saw it but my family stuck it on and I watched some salmon fishing, in Yemen. It's pretty much a romance story/comedy-ish/life lesson film. It wasn't too bad; there were a few funny bits, there were a few sad bits. It was better than I expected and would probably watch it again if it was on TV or something. I don't think everyone will get some of the British references like I did (cause I'm from UK) but without that you can still like it. This is a very short review because I don't really have many thoughts on it; it was an okay film and you will enjoy it if you like that sort of thing.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

OJ Reviewing: Classic Battleship Movie Edition

"I wanna be the aliens!"

The Battleship game is back with higher stakes and bigger ships! I remember playing Battleship years ago and quite liked it and then I saw the movie and thought some scenes where very much like it and finally I got the Battleship Game with alien spaceships! I really like the detail on the ships, they have like wooden decking and the turrets with windows and stuff and then on the alien vessels you have minute detail even on the bottom! On the top where you out all your misses and hits you have a picture behind of a Navy Radar which looks really good and then some metallic-like strips on the side and then for the aliens it shows the alien scanning tech which you see in the film and that looks awesome too. Also with this game you can have 3 ways of playing, you can have the classic Battleship and then you can also play with special cards which (1) makes the game go faster and (2) makes it that bit more enjoyable and exited; the cards do awesome things to make you win much easier as well. The third way to play is that you only have as many shots as you have afloat ships which is alright. So I really enjoy playing this game and can arrange your ships in sort of attack modes and fun stuff and I recommend it to old Battleship fans and people who think its is boring because it actually gets better.

Monday, 8 October 2012

OJ Reviewing: Prometheus

Yes, I don't go to the cinema everyday and have to wait for the DVD release, so what?

Anyway, Prometheus. Hmmm, what can I say about this film. Well, it was very interesting. It wasn't as scary as I would've thought but more philosophical. The plot was defiantly interesting and there was a twist or two. I liked the CGI, that was fantastic and the creatures great and had some awesome scenes but then I can see where people get a little confused. This film gives out a lot of questions all the way through but then it only answers, like, 2 or 3. You literally have no idea why most of the events are happening. Its a fun movie to watch if you like sci-fi, aliens and thriller-like concepts but for the people who think about the story arc and look into it, you mostly base your views on theories. The end was one of the best parts and it defiantly sets up a sequel. So, I don't quite know who I'd recommend it too; sci-fi fans defiantly, an people who don't care about the story lines, but also people who do because you want to know which makes you keep watching and yearn for a sequel, so; tell me what you think and give me your best theories.

Saturday, 6 October 2012

OJ Reviewing: The Avengers

Yes, where I come from it's Avengers Assemble, but lets go with the rest of the world.

Well, finally! The big one! They all come together and assemble! Iron Man, Hulk, Thor and Captain America come together with Hawkeye & Black Widow to take down Loki. I saw this at the cinema (not in 3D) and I really enjoyed it. The way I put the trailer clips together into a story in went completely a different way which I was glad of. I enjoyed how they did it and how they brought them together and how they disagree and then find out they need each other. There are a few twists in this that I really wasn't expecting. The dialogue in this movie absolutely awesome and so funny, more jokes and hilarious quips than I expected which were really good. I'm glad it wasn't really bad and it was the complete opposite as there are no origin stories and it's just The Avengers. Even people who haven't seen the rest of the MCU I think will enjoy it as there isn't much depth and a lot is explained like why the Hulk is why he is and how they found Cap alive; so with very slight back stories and awesome plot I will get this DVD and everyone else needs to too! YES, right now! Go!

Friday, 5 October 2012

OJ Reviewing: Captain America: The First Avenger

The First is the Last.

So, I have to tell you now, this is my favourite ever Marvel film. It is brilliant. It tells the story of Steve Rodgers who is a little person who is defiantly not strong but because he has a good heart he is chosen by an eavesdropper to take part in a military experiment known as: The Super Soldier program!, sound familiar? Well they did mention it in The Incredible Hulk. From then on it is really good with awesome action sequences and one of my favourite villains. The best thing about this film I think is the humour; Tommy Lee Jones is hilarious and some some of the scenes in this film will have you in stitches. I loved every moment watching it. The special effects where really good and the tech was awesome which was powered by the Tesseract which appeared in the post-credit scene of Thor and then the end defiantly said it all; Nick Fury appears and says that line about being "asleep for almost 70 years" and then Steve seems to take no reaction and just states that he had a date. So I do recommend this film to everyone and it is a really good adventure and I really hope the Red Skull makes a come-back because he didn't really die did he?...

Thursday, 4 October 2012

OJ Reviewing: Thor

Heimdall is an awesome character! No questions asked.

Thor. Initially I didn't want to see this movie because I thought it was all about magic and stuff which I hate but when I learnt it was in the Marvel Cinematic Universe I thought I'd see what it was like and to my surprise it is mostly Sci-Fi with elements of fantasy. I liked the outer space setting and different planets and that was really good; I liked the humour in this film as it is very good in most MCU films. The other characters where great and Phil Coulson was awesome giving us an Iron Man mention, and then Dr. Selvig references Hulk so that was interesting that they could tie it all together. There were a lot more special effects in this movie as there are aliens and wormholes and all that kinda thing which I like. So in the end It was a good film with brilliant special effects and an okay story.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

OJ Reviewing: Iron Man 2

His last enemy was in a robot suit! But this enemy a robotic suit. I'm starting to see a pattern.

Iron Man 2! The only sequel in Phase 1 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Everyone knows who Tony Stark, everyone wants the  Iron Man suit, and some Russian guy is out for revenge. I have to say this is my least favourite of the MCU so far mostly, I think, because you've pretty much seen it before, with the first film; he is still a big-headed billionaire who saves people and he wears an awesome suit (which is nothing bad) but your not surprised by much, you know what tom expect. The story line wasn't bad though, it goes into Tony's past and we get to see his dad (who actually appears in Captain America: The first Avenger) and we get to see Agent Coulson again, Black Widow, Nick Fury, and even Cap's shield! The villain was a little predictable but I liked it and it was the movie where War Machine begins so he can help Iron Man in the final battle and that was really good; but like I said, the reason most probably don't like this much is that you've seen quite a lot of the elements before.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

OJ Reviewing: The Incredible Hulk

"Don't make me hungry"

The Incredible Hulk is the second MCU film and brings on Bruce Banner to the mix who has a disturbing past and is now in hiding from the government. The beginning of this film is really good and shows exactly who Bruce Banner is and what happened and what normal life is for him and that was really good and then the government find him and he has to go on the run again so he heads of to America to confront some old memories and to get answers; The Hulk itself wasn't bad at all either and the graphics were really good and then I liked how they referenced Captain America with the Super Soldier serum which created the Abomination which is just was scary, ugly, bad looking guy. I enjoyed this film a lot when I first saw it and when I saw Iron Man I never stopped after the credits so I had no idea about the crossover films until I saw Tony Stark walk into that bar at the end and thinking to myself "So, is Iron Man 2 next or Hulk 2?" I really had no idea when it came out but now I can see it fits in well with the Cinematic Universe and The Consultant just brings it together nicely too.

Monday, 1 October 2012

OJ Reviewing: Iron Man

YES! The I am reviewing the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

  Iron Man starts it all off with a genius billionaire known as Tony Stark played by the brilliant Robbie Downey Jr. He gets taken and learn some life lessons which turns him into a superhero! He is my favourite my Avenger mostly because his film and persona seems the most realistic. I really like Probable Science Fiction and I love the film Iron Man. I have no knowledge of the comics but I really enjoy the movies and this one is my second favourite MCU film. I enjoyed the enemy, the story was fantastic and it is very funny in some places. 1 or 2 references hint a bigger universe and then you see the post-credit scene and your amazingly hyped for everything Marvel. So Iron Man is the beginning of a franchise like no other and it really delivered. It's really enjoyable and you'll love the characters so get out there now and watch it! I don't care if you already have it on DVD just watch it again!