Wednesday, 3 October 2012

OJ Reviewing: Iron Man 2

His last enemy was in a robot suit! But this enemy a robotic suit. I'm starting to see a pattern.

Iron Man 2! The only sequel in Phase 1 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Everyone knows who Tony Stark, everyone wants the  Iron Man suit, and some Russian guy is out for revenge. I have to say this is my least favourite of the MCU so far mostly, I think, because you've pretty much seen it before, with the first film; he is still a big-headed billionaire who saves people and he wears an awesome suit (which is nothing bad) but your not surprised by much, you know what tom expect. The story line wasn't bad though, it goes into Tony's past and we get to see his dad (who actually appears in Captain America: The first Avenger) and we get to see Agent Coulson again, Black Widow, Nick Fury, and even Cap's shield! The villain was a little predictable but I liked it and it was the movie where War Machine begins so he can help Iron Man in the final battle and that was really good; but like I said, the reason most probably don't like this much is that you've seen quite a lot of the elements before.

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