Friday, 5 October 2012

OJ Reviewing: Captain America: The First Avenger

The First is the Last.

So, I have to tell you now, this is my favourite ever Marvel film. It is brilliant. It tells the story of Steve Rodgers who is a little person who is defiantly not strong but because he has a good heart he is chosen by an eavesdropper to take part in a military experiment known as: The Super Soldier program!, sound familiar? Well they did mention it in The Incredible Hulk. From then on it is really good with awesome action sequences and one of my favourite villains. The best thing about this film I think is the humour; Tommy Lee Jones is hilarious and some some of the scenes in this film will have you in stitches. I loved every moment watching it. The special effects where really good and the tech was awesome which was powered by the Tesseract which appeared in the post-credit scene of Thor and then the end defiantly said it all; Nick Fury appears and says that line about being "asleep for almost 70 years" and then Steve seems to take no reaction and just states that he had a date. So I do recommend this film to everyone and it is a really good adventure and I really hope the Red Skull makes a come-back because he didn't really die did he?...

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