Tuesday, 9 October 2012

OJ Reviewing: Classic Battleship Movie Edition

"I wanna be the aliens!"

The Battleship game is back with higher stakes and bigger ships! I remember playing Battleship years ago and quite liked it and then I saw the movie and thought some scenes where very much like it and finally I got the Battleship Game with alien spaceships! I really like the detail on the ships, they have like wooden decking and the turrets with windows and stuff and then on the alien vessels you have minute detail even on the bottom! On the top where you out all your misses and hits you have a picture behind of a Navy Radar which looks really good and then some metallic-like strips on the side and then for the aliens it shows the alien scanning tech which you see in the film and that looks awesome too. Also with this game you can have 3 ways of playing, you can have the classic Battleship and then you can also play with special cards which (1) makes the game go faster and (2) makes it that bit more enjoyable and exited; the cards do awesome things to make you win much easier as well. The third way to play is that you only have as many shots as you have afloat ships which is alright. So I really enjoy playing this game and can arrange your ships in sort of attack modes and fun stuff and I recommend it to old Battleship fans and people who think its is boring because it actually gets better.

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  1. I really, really wanted my dollar back after I saw it.