Tuesday, 2 October 2012

OJ Reviewing: The Incredible Hulk

"Don't make me hungry"

The Incredible Hulk is the second MCU film and brings on Bruce Banner to the mix who has a disturbing past and is now in hiding from the government. The beginning of this film is really good and shows exactly who Bruce Banner is and what happened and what normal life is for him and that was really good and then the government find him and he has to go on the run again so he heads of to America to confront some old memories and to get answers; The Hulk itself wasn't bad at all either and the graphics were really good and then I liked how they referenced Captain America with the Super Soldier serum which created the Abomination which is just was scary, ugly, bad looking guy. I enjoyed this film a lot when I first saw it and when I saw Iron Man I never stopped after the credits so I had no idea about the crossover films until I saw Tony Stark walk into that bar at the end and thinking to myself "So, is Iron Man 2 next or Hulk 2?" I really had no idea when it came out but now I can see it fits in well with the Cinematic Universe and The Consultant just brings it together nicely too.

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