Monday, 22 October 2012

OJ Reviewing: War Horse (novel)

Well, I've seen the movie which I reviewed here:

After seeing the movie I was interested of how the book went as it had come out first. It is a Michael Morpurgo book and I had read some of his other ones and I really liked them, no naturally I was looking forward to War Horse. Now, when you're reading you can definitely see it is meant for younger people, say 7-13 or something. I liked how it was done but it was all very simple and changed from one thing to another quickly whereas in the film they blended one scene into another. I didn't realise how much the film changed; parts that look maybe 2 days in the book took five minuets in the film and I think they missed out a whole week from the book. I don't know if my review would be different if I'd read the book first but this time I'm not as keen on it as Morpurgo's other books which I think are brilliant. So for me I prefer the film but the book does give a little information on the horse and background to the rest of the world.

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