Sunday, 2 September 2012

OJ Reviewing: Hot Wheels Track Attack (Wii)

Never played a Hot Wheels video game before...

  As a Hot Wheel collector I saw this game on eBay and thought it looked quite fun. I rarley played HW games on the compter so I decided to try this game for Nintendo Wii. I was kind of expecting it to be like Mario Kart but it is a little more realistic than that. Te steering was much harder and the graphics wern't the best but the backgrounds are fun to look at. on each level there is something that supposed to block your path (e.g. Shark, Turrantular, Robot) but they are easy to evade. Along the way you have to unlock the different Hot Wheel cars you can drive which are pretty easy apart from the last F1 car; you also have to collect blue "Tokens" which are the most fun part; the tokens give you power ups for design, speed or something else. I wouldn't recommend it for people who love racing and Wii games but it's fun to look at the cars if you are a Hot Wheel fan and collector.

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