Tuesday, 25 September 2012

OJ Reviewing: Doctor Who series 6

A mid-series break!.........................Oh goodie.

 Series 6 is all about one thing: RIVER SONG - that's right, the used-to-be-good mysterious person who knew the Doctor who has now become an annoying story arc that will confuse many and infuriate more. Which category am I? The former. The series was okay but every episode just had something linked to River's life, I liked her reference to Series 4 in the first episode but she did get a little annoying, another story arc (which still links to River) is the strange eye-patch woman in the first half and then the Doctor's death in the second. 'A Good Man Goes to War' is a really good episode and I love all the creatures and past characters but then what followed was just a complete episode about what the entire first half was all about - anyone who hadn't seen Doctor Who before would see that and not have clue whats going on and would probably never watch it again. So I prefered the first half to the last but even that was a bit choppy. Now for the finale, oh yes, 'The Wedding of River Song' was yet again another complex conundrum about a parallel universe that had been made in one second, it wasn't as bad as others but I still wasn't keen because that would mean the Teselecta can fake regeneration? Anyway the series very bad dip in Doctor Who and that's without the pointlessness of the Christmas special which is to horrid to review.

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