Wednesday, 5 September 2012

OJ Reviewing: Falling Skies season 2

W O W. Give me season 3 NOW!!!!

  I thought season 1 was brilliant and had an awesome concept and the cliffhanger left me wanting more, and boy did it give more. Season 2 was much more scary, more action packed the storyline going in places I never thought of. The characters progressed a lot and we learn a LOT more about the Skitters along with their overlords which are named in the last episode! I thoroughly enjoyed it all the way through and even gave a few surprises. And if you thought the cliffhanger of season 1 was out of this world (pun intended) then wait until you see this one! It expands the whole Falling Skies universe in a different way where Season 3 could go absolutely anywhere. Definitely looking forward to Season 3 and if you loved season 1 then you have to watch this! You may find out something frightful about the harness'...

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