Sunday, 23 September 2012

OJ Reviewing: Doctor Who 2009 Specials

I'm reviewing 3 special episodes of Doctor Who leading up to David Tennants demise!......

Planet of the Dead

Doctor Who's first ever Easter special but you can't really tell it is apart from the chocolate egg at the start. I like this episode because it brings in UNIT a lot more than they have done, they brought back a character from series 4 and a new hilarious character played by the funny Lee Evans. The plot to this story was really good about wormholes and deserts and metal stingrays. The Tritovites were awesome to and was kinda sad they had to die (oh, erm, SPOILERS,). Now the companion stand-in is some snobby know-it-all who is a thief. Meh, not really sure about that and she got a bit annoying; there were some funny parts in it though and I love the concept of the stingrays so all round I'd say it's quite a good episode.


The Waters of Mars

Yes! One of the best ever episodes and my second most favourite of NuWho. It's on Mars, it has a robot, and water is the enemy! Such a cool premise, the plot is great and I love the humour, K-9 reference, Dalek tie-in and most defiantly: the villains. The water virus is awesome, the creatures with the cracked mouths are awesomely freaky and I love watching this episode.

The End of Time

Right at the end of the whole Tennant era it boils down to a bit of radiation - but for a really good cause because its what the Doctor does best, and that is sacrifice himself for others. The emotion was very good and I liked most of the plot and I'm glad they brought alien-looking aliens into it. The thing I don't like: Raising the Master, hmm, how? I think that is very impossible, wouldn't the Time Lords do that to everyone? Anyway, that's all I didn't like but I did think it was funny that it takes forever for him to die; it was great to see all the old companions and creatures and stuff and I imagine that his final scene made people cry. So a great episode and an awesome end to the tenth Doctor.

  Now for the era of the Smith!

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