Tuesday, 4 September 2012

OJ Reviewing: Real Steel

Who isn't a fan of Steven Spielberg?

  Well I remember ages ago I was watching random trailers on YouTube and I found a film title called Real Steel. The film trailer tells you it's about robots boxing and a little robot called Atom comes and is really good; well, that's sort of the back story, or the second plot if you will. The main storyline is about Hugh Jackman bonding and becoming friends with his son which makes that storyline predictable but you don't really care because it's set in the future and you've got awesome robots, deserted zoos and great tech! This movie couldn't really get mush better; I think Jackman's character is going to be one of my favourite characters of all time, the boy (Dakota Goyo) is a really good actor too and it's an all round fun movie to watch. The one thing I have to say though - which is very petty - is that it supposed to be Robots boxing each other but up until the last fight is looks more like wrestling; that's fine though and I have nothing else bad to say about the film. Go watch it if you love sci-fi and you don't feel like a sissy watching father/son bonding time.
  Spielberg rules!

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