Monday, 10 September 2012

OJ Reviewing: John Carter

Disney? Come on!

  John Carter is the story of a man from the past who transported to Mars (yes, the planet) where people can breath but their density of their bones is different so the gravity doesn't effect them. Now the character of John was kind of cool, he was okay. The design for the aliens weren't too bad but it wasn't realistic; the plot is a little confusing and you don't quite know whats happening; there was a little humour but it was mostly sci-fi and special effects. The end was screaming for a sequel but I don't think it will happen at all. It didn't explain why they could breath or how they got there. If they do do a second one then I hope they expand on the history maybe. So the beginning was okay the middle was "meh" and the end was much better. Actually all the Earth scenes were the best. a disappointment for people who were looking forward to it I think. I don't particularly want to watch it again but that's just me.

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