Wednesday, 12 September 2012

OJ Reviewing: Primeval series 3

Bigger creatures, bigger losses and bigger DVD case!

Series 3 of the Primeval franchise is longer, scarier and downright awesome. A brilliant come back from the wasn't-needed story arc of series 2. A big twist in episode I was not expecting. The creatures really do get bigger and the future plays a big plot in this series. It's always fun to see the past creatures like Giganotosaurus and the Diictodon but when you see the future then you really want more. They introduce a new character called Danny Quinn who is awesome and he helps a lot. They did something they've never done before in Episode 5 which is really good and the they also had quite a creepy episode that you haven't quite seen since series 1; and that was great. This is my all time favourite series of Primeval, I love the new characters, huge events happen in the final episode which leaves you on an epic cliffhanger and along with all the others I own this on DVD too.

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