Wednesday, 5 September 2012

OJ Reviewing: The Hidden World

Great sequel; bigger, and badder.

 An awesome sequel to The Museum's Secret; it has been a year since Tom Scatterhorn's adventure and now he's back at the museum and there is a new exhibit that takes him into other worlds... I love the storyline of this book and some parts made me laugh and I like when books do that. There were even some creepy scenes that you didn't get in the first novel and they were good and then there a few mysteries and great descriptions of the creatures that you are really thankful don't exist. It is a much bigger adventure than the first which can sometimes take the realism away from it but I don't mind that because the whole plot is just great and it sucks you in all the way to the end. I still prefer The Museum's Secret but this is a Remarkable novel and I'm looking forward to future Henry Chancellor young adult novels.

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