Wednesday, 19 September 2012

OJ Reviewing: Seizure

I've just finished it; sorry I had to review it in the middle of the "Doctor Who only for 7-Days".

  The middle book in the Kathy Reichs trilogy; it follows a few months after Virals and the gang need money bad - so, the obvious way to do it is go treasure hunting! The story may not be original but with this book I didn't mind, some things you felt like you've heard it all before as the complete first half feels like The Goonies, then moves to Indiana Jones for a bit and then there is quite a few surprises near the end; I wasn't expecting them but unlike the first book I did actually like these ones. It is a much bigger adventure and they explore a bit more of their powers and learn something new by the end. One antagonist from Virals even appears now has an ally which was interesting. One or two tiny bits were unrealistic but I liked the plot overall and after reading an excerpt from the last book, Code, I can't wait to read the finale!

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