Wednesday, 5 September 2012

OJ Reviewing: Falling Skies season 1

 My first TV Show review!

   Falling Skies season 1. This show is nothing like I've ever seen before. The story is that it opens up 6 months after an alien invasion on the entire planet; the aliens have destroyed all the military and all communications; it's like those films where you see an alien invasion come and start and everything and this series is like 6 months after that; I really liked that. The characters in this series are great, as are most Spielberg ones are, and you did or didn't want things to happen to them. Each episode always brings something new that you didn't know, and it brought up questions about the aliens that you never thought of watching the series. The CGI in this show is OK; I have seen better but this obviously isn't a film; the close ups though were good because they had animatronics and the design for "the Skitters" was quite interesting. The last ever episode left you on a huge cliffhanger and you really were hungry for Season 2. So if you like aliens and you love a bit of action along with mystery then you go and watch Falling Skies, because Spielberg doesn't do TV series often, but when he does they're pretty good.

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