Saturday, 1 September 2012

OJ Reviewing: Battleship

Whats wrong with people? I don't follow their view.

  No matter what others say I actually enjoyed the film Battleship. Some say that it doesn't resemble the game at all but IT DOES! There is one scene where it's almost exactly the same! The humour was great and I loved the alien tech - especially those ball things with tails that just destroys everything. Okay, the character development wasn't great but it was a fun movie to watch; you wanted to know what happens next and enjoyed it. I wouldn't at all call it predictable and the special effects were awesome! The design for the aliens weren't the best but they explain why and the alien suits remind me a bit of an Iron Man/Transformer armour; and talking of Transformers, lots of people say it looks like Transformers, its a spin-off, a spoof and it didn't at all feel like a Transformers movie, maybe they borrowed a few sound effects but apart from that I can't relate anything to them.
  There IS a post-credit scene that supposed to set up a sequel but it doesn't look promising, but that's my view; comment because I wanna know how you see it.

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