Friday, 31 August 2012

OJ Reviewing: Virals

First time writing a teenage book; might need a little more practice.

  SNAP! So Virals is a Young Adult book written by Kathy Reichs who is responsible for the TV show Bones (which I've never heard of). It's about a group of kids and a dog (sound familiar?) and they have contracted some sort of virus which effects their body's. I suppose it's trying to be scientific version of a werewolf but I didn't class it was that kind of book because I hate that paranormal rubbish. I did like the science element of it and I thought the characters were portrayed very clearly and realistic but in some cases they really weren't and a few parts you thought "that wouldn't happen". I thought the beginning was a little slow but when the plot got going it was really good and a few surprises got be by surprise and then there was the ending; there was a big twist which I didn't really like; I was expecting something else but then I read it and thought "oh, well I guess that's that then. Pretty predicable from here on". I would have expected a better ending; so next time I think Kathy should spend more time on the end than the beginning.
  So, I have read better books but I didn't mind this one and will be reading the sequel and probably the whole trilogy.

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