Friday, 31 August 2012

OJ Reviewing: Mario Kart Wii

My first experience with Mario Kart: here we go!

  I've had Mario for a while now and I've played it a lot. It was my first gaming experience with Mario - I mean I used to play the computer games but that was different - now was racing! Car racing on the Wii I love; so Mario Kart gave me a lot of joy, I liked trying to unlock the different levels and then got really exited when it said I got a new character. I also like how each character and each vehicle have different strengths instead of them all being same speed and stuff. So my favourite car has to be the B-Dasher Mark II,  and favourite bike is defiantly Torpedo Bike. But as you always do with a Wii you play for ages and ages and then you don't and it lessens to maybe one game a month or something. But I still play when I can and I still can never unlock that blasted Mii Outfit B!!
  I think it's brilliant and recommend it to all gamers out there.

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