Wednesday, 22 August 2012

OJ Reviewing Megamind

Yes, the first review I ever do is Megamind but it was the last film I saw before writing this blog.

  Megamind came out in 2010 and is based on a villain in the usual Hero VS Villain world. The story line went a completely different way than I expected though the trailers didn't provide too much story. The film itself was quite good although some parts I did feel were a bit stupid. The hero, known as Metro Man, looks as though he is a main character in the plot but he only really appears at the beginning. It all centres on Megamind himself who realises he isn't really a villain. So he does some things (not to spoil) that backfires and that creates an even badder villain. A love story is sort of intertwined but it wasn't really needed.  Over all I would probably watch it again if it was on TV but its not the best film I've ever seen.
  What do YOU think of the movie? Comment if you want.

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