Wednesday, 24 April 2013

OJ's Movie Review - Oblivion

Wow. Okay then. Oblivion.

Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman, yes that's right, Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman. Sometimes you just go to the movies and watch something you never expected at all. Before viewing this I watched reviews, asked opinions and looked up the general view so that all pointed to this movie being rubbish or boring, or not much too it. So then I'm walking in now not expecting much at all from a maybe 1 and half hour film - not expecting the 2 hour sci-fi mystery I witnessed! People said that this film didn't have much of a plot but they must have been watching something else! This movie had twist after twist after twist! The pieces getting together in your mind was almost like that of Inception; I mean this is a very interesting, complex - yet slightly simple concept that you don't see very often at all. To start off with it was very much like Wall-E and then had sets like that of The Time Machine and plot strands from i, Robot. All of that mixed together I have to go against most reviews and say I really enjoyed this. Oblivion for me was an unexpected surprise I liked. Oh, and by the way, the CGI in this movie was awesome; the whole atmosphere  landscapes, the ruins, looked brilliant. So yes, Oblivion is a good movie for people who love a good mystery but then also understand the revelation as some maybe need another watch or two.

Friday, 19 April 2013

5 Upcoming OJ Reviews

For this special post on The OJ Reviews I will be showing you previews of FIVE things I'm going to review in the remainder or the year, 2013. Which are you most exited for?

Iron Man 3

Well, this was obvious so I put it first. As I've said on Google+ this review will be up in early May.

Person of Interest season 2

Yes, I hadn't forgotten; I'm still in the middle of watching this mysterious series.

Doctor Who series 7

For those of you who were wondering about this, I like to wait until the entire series is over before reviewing so when you do see it, it will be my thoughts on both parts.

Thor: The Dark World

Defiantly at the end of this year I'm very exited for this sequel to the brilliant Thor.


A bit surprised?  Yes me too. A seemingly old game in the world of tech but I've always wanted to try it and am considering buying it so this review is more of a maybe.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

OJ's Movie Review - Robot & Frank

Meant to do this review earlier but I just forgot to actually sit down and watch it. Anyway, lets review.

Robot and Frank is a nice little film with some very familiar faces just sitting there amongst the big blockbusters. I mean, I wouldn't have known about it if I hadn't seen the trailer on a related video when on YouTube; but this film is very good. The trailer gives you the premise and sets you up for a good film, and then you watch it and you start liking it even more.  Robot & Frank is also good for all genre lovers including sci-fi as you definitely have some relatables to Bicentennial Man or *batteries not included, you get the romance as well and then the mystery which you don't think is in there until you see the brilliant litte twist at the end. My only gripe about this movie is probably the language, there is quite a bit at the beginning and then trails off, but that just isn't needed. I thought the film was OK as a whole and the story, characters and those bits of future tech where you think 'I must have that!' are all great so if you want to see a good film then defiantly go and see Robot & Frank.