Friday, 31 August 2012

OJ Reviewing: Virals

First time writing a teenage book; might need a little more practice.

  SNAP! So Virals is a Young Adult book written by Kathy Reichs who is responsible for the TV show Bones (which I've never heard of). It's about a group of kids and a dog (sound familiar?) and they have contracted some sort of virus which effects their body's. I suppose it's trying to be scientific version of a werewolf but I didn't class it was that kind of book because I hate that paranormal rubbish. I did like the science element of it and I thought the characters were portrayed very clearly and realistic but in some cases they really weren't and a few parts you thought "that wouldn't happen". I thought the beginning was a little slow but when the plot got going it was really good and a few surprises got be by surprise and then there was the ending; there was a big twist which I didn't really like; I was expecting something else but then I read it and thought "oh, well I guess that's that then. Pretty predicable from here on". I would have expected a better ending; so next time I think Kathy should spend more time on the end than the beginning.
  So, I have read better books but I didn't mind this one and will be reading the sequel and probably the whole trilogy.

OJ Reviewing: Mario Kart Wii

My first experience with Mario Kart: here we go!

  I've had Mario for a while now and I've played it a lot. It was my first gaming experience with Mario - I mean I used to play the computer games but that was different - now was racing! Car racing on the Wii I love; so Mario Kart gave me a lot of joy, I liked trying to unlock the different levels and then got really exited when it said I got a new character. I also like how each character and each vehicle have different strengths instead of them all being same speed and stuff. So my favourite car has to be the B-Dasher Mark II,  and favourite bike is defiantly Torpedo Bike. But as you always do with a Wii you play for ages and ages and then you don't and it lessens to maybe one game a month or something. But I still play when I can and I still can never unlock that blasted Mii Outfit B!!
  I think it's brilliant and recommend it to all gamers out there.

Thursday, 30 August 2012

OJ Reviewing: Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Wow. What a crazy and random film.

  I love sci-fi, I love comedy, and I love Martin Freeman. So this film is a faveourite of mine. It's based off a book series by Douglas Adams which I have to admit I have never read. I did hear of the TV Series but I don't know much about it. But this film I think is really good. Very funny, cheesy and sci-fi packed; the mind of Adams is very random judging from the film and my faveourite ever thing in the movie is the Improbability Drive. Lol, that's hilarious. It's a British-American film which I think can be very good. I suppose it could have been a film series but I don't think it'll happen (what do you think?). I would always watch it again and I'm going to put it as a candidate on my Top 10 Fave Film list.

OJ Reviewing: Pixar's Brave

Pixar has brought out some good films in its time with good connection to the characters and great plots. Well, now there's Brave.

  You can't actually discern exactly what Brave is about from the trailer and so I was sort of going in blind when I saw it. I loved the beginning at it was really good and realistic and all that and then the plot started and it just felt like I was watching the Scottish version of Brother Bear; some scenes were directly from that movie. So the start was great, the middle was okay and the end was kinda predictable. There was though some very funny parts in it that I wasn't expecting and the design for Mor'du was awesome. So overall I liked it and I wouldn't mind watching it again if it was on. Not expecting a sequel and nor do I want it on DVD but I wasn't bored watching it. 

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

OJ Reviewing Megamind

Yes, the first review I ever do is Megamind but it was the last film I saw before writing this blog.

  Megamind came out in 2010 and is based on a villain in the usual Hero VS Villain world. The story line went a completely different way than I expected though the trailers didn't provide too much story. The film itself was quite good although some parts I did feel were a bit stupid. The hero, known as Metro Man, looks as though he is a main character in the plot but he only really appears at the beginning. It all centres on Megamind himself who realises he isn't really a villain. So he does some things (not to spoil) that backfires and that creates an even badder villain. A love story is sort of intertwined but it wasn't really needed.  Over all I would probably watch it again if it was on TV but its not the best film I've ever seen.
  What do YOU think of the movie? Comment if you want.