Friday, 19 April 2013

5 Upcoming OJ Reviews

For this special post on The OJ Reviews I will be showing you previews of FIVE things I'm going to review in the remainder or the year, 2013. Which are you most exited for?

Iron Man 3

Well, this was obvious so I put it first. As I've said on Google+ this review will be up in early May.

Person of Interest season 2

Yes, I hadn't forgotten; I'm still in the middle of watching this mysterious series.

Doctor Who series 7

For those of you who were wondering about this, I like to wait until the entire series is over before reviewing so when you do see it, it will be my thoughts on both parts.

Thor: The Dark World

Defiantly at the end of this year I'm very exited for this sequel to the brilliant Thor.


A bit surprised?  Yes me too. A seemingly old game in the world of tech but I've always wanted to try it and am considering buying it so this review is more of a maybe.

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