Wednesday, 19 September 2012

OJ Reviewing: Doctor Who series 2

David Tennant begins!

  Series two changed the main actor completely! OK David Tennant is considered to be one of the best Doctor's in NuWho and sometimes in Who history. He was very good as then Doctor and I enjoyed his episodes; 2 of my favourite ever are Tennant eps. Series 2 made everything new and brought stranger aliens and even went into paranormal again which I really don't like, just stick with the aliens, its much better. They brought back the Cybermen from the classic series and made them in a parallel world, those story's were great and I loved them, series 2 also brought out one of the most disliked episodes ever: Love and Monsters; I myself don't see the problem, it can be nice to see a civilians point of view, my dad loves this episode because he loves ELO. The series finale is my favourite so far because it didn't have any confusing and contradicting endings, It was a brilliant end with a great battle and a sad loss. Defiantly the best ending.
  The Christmas special was also quite good starring the funny Cathrine Tate and a great story, the villain I wasn't so struck on but I liked it anyway. So I like the Tennant series and he had a range of companions including Martha Jones who appears next!

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