Sunday, 2 September 2012

OJ Reviewing: Puss In Boots

What is the plot to this movie?!

   I really didn't want to see this movie so I didn't see it at the cinema. So I've waited for the DVD and it wasn't even my choice to see it but I had nothing else to do at the time so I sat down and watched it.
  The beginning of this movie is an origin story and it becomes a story within a story for a short time and then you think you know how it's going to go and it changes so you have a new version in your mind and the it's not until the last 15 minuets you realise what it was; some movies I like that but this wasn't great; it confused me a lot and then some of it didn't make sense. So apart from the plot being choppy what I did like about this film is it wasn't all for kids; I saw a few scenes for the parents too, the humour was funny and the animation was very good. I was hoping for a Shrek reference but that never came but overall apart from how the plot went I did enjoy the character's and settings. Not at all like a Shrek movie and you could watch it on its own without seeing the entire Ogre franchise.

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