Monday, 10 September 2012

OJ Reviewing: Primeval series 1

The creators of Walking With Dinosaurs goes drama!

  This is totally my kind of thing; I remember loving back in 2007 and I still do now. The story is that a team of people find 'anomalys' in time so things from the past and future come through. The design for the anomalies are very good; it's like broken glass floating in and out of each other becoming a portal. The CGI is fantastic and the creatures are superb. The characters are really good and you take a liking to them. The whole story of series 1 is mostly introducing the premise but with a little mystery in there. It's only 6 episodes which isn't very many for a TV Show but it's worth it; the very last episode is considered the best of all time and I agree. It doesn't really have any famous or well-known actors in it other than Ben Miller (who's character is great) that many British people may know as he is a comedian. I defiantly recommend it to sci-fi lovers and what I like the most about Primeval is that it doesn't use well known creatures. Actually in series 1 there are official dinosaurs. All the creatures occur before or after the dinosaur era ("after" meaning Dodos - yes, they can be pretty deadly). I have it on DVD keep watching it every now and again.

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