Friday, 21 September 2012

OJ Reviewing: Doctor Who series 4

Ha Ha! The return of the Tate!

One of the best companions ever, Donna returns after being in a Christmas special and now she's a companion and she is absolutely great with David Tenneant. They delivered some real great lines and scenes. The episodes were really good and my 3rd most favourite NuWho episode is in this series; they had monsters never seen before and would never have even heard of, which were great. It brings in the mysterious River Song where she is not annoying and confusing and the Doctor witnesses her death. I like to call this series "Blast from the Past" because lots of past things come back such as: Donna, Rose Tyler, Ood, Martha Jones, UNIT, Sontarans, Davros, flashbacks to series 1! I really enjoyed the references to and it was building up really well and I loved The Stolen Earth and then......... I'm sorry, but, yes, I didn't like the ending; it was okay but I don't think that the meta-crisis Time Lord/Human hybrids was the best idea, it would probably be confusing to some but I guess they didn't want Rose to be lonely, so apart from that the series was great and I love the monsters and some scenes have really good emotion and awesome plots.

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