Thursday, 6 September 2012

OJ Reviewing: Jurassic Park Operation Genesis (PC)

Dinosaur Digs Upgraded!

One of my favourite films ever is Jurassic Park, its an awesome trilogy. I heard there was a game out but I never saw it in shops but then I found it on holiday and I have lots of fun playing. The graphics aren't bad at all and the different modes are really fun; the missions can be quite hard and going around Site B is extremely enjoyable. Normal game play is okay with you building that park and having to earn stars and money but when you just wanna built a great park without the waiting I use the cheat codes, because there are many and they do some pretty helpful things. Site B is where you can have a bunch of Dino's of your choice and can make as many of them as you can on a deserted island and watch them go about naturally (or put a T-Rex in a herd of Gallimimus). A really fun play and it's much better than Zoo Tycoon's Dinosaur Digs.

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