Thursday, 13 September 2012

OJ Reviewing: Primeval series 4

Different is an understatement.

So, it was cancelled, for a whole year we had no Primeval. That is until until it came back but instead of being filmed in London it's now Ireland. It starts off a year since the epic ending of last series and there is a new team, a new base, and most defiantly a different atmosphere. The creatures have gotten a bit better and they've once again added a story arc but I liked this one, it all revolved around new leader Matt Anderson. His character is very mysterious and interesting. A few more characters are introduced too and the humour is still there. The story arc did keep me going though most of the time you felt it was really rubbish because it is completely different to the first 3. There are a lot of changes and you can't quite get used to them until the end and even then your not sure. So it was a bit of a let sown to the others but like all every series I have it on DVD and I intend to get each one that comes.

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