Thursday, 20 September 2012

OJ Reviewing: Doctor Who series 3

Is it just me, or is this series a little darker?

 Hmmm. My line above is a reference to the plots, it just felt like it had a darker tone, like The Family of Blood and then the Dalek-Human Hybrid. I liked it all but it just felt they upped the target audience a little, which I enjoyed because it also made it that little more scary and fun. I watched Blink for the first time and no way could I sleep that night. Martha Jones is the companion for this series and I think how she and the Doctor met is really good, we learn a little more about the Doctor and the Time War and then as the series revolves around knowing a little more about the Doctor it turns out we've been missing the "Vote Saxon"s and now we have brought back The Master! I think this Master is much more like the one that met Paul McGann when he was the Eight Doctor than any in the classic series. I thought this one was a bit weird but creepy. The very end I didn't like very much, the whole plot was great but then the resolution was just that bit too unbelievable and wasn't quite explained I think. But the series as a whole was good it brought us the Weeping Angels which are awesome (until series 5, but that's another story...)

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