Monday, 1 October 2012

OJ Reviewing: Iron Man

YES! The I am reviewing the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

  Iron Man starts it all off with a genius billionaire known as Tony Stark played by the brilliant Robbie Downey Jr. He gets taken and learn some life lessons which turns him into a superhero! He is my favourite my Avenger mostly because his film and persona seems the most realistic. I really like Probable Science Fiction and I love the film Iron Man. I have no knowledge of the comics but I really enjoy the movies and this one is my second favourite MCU film. I enjoyed the enemy, the story was fantastic and it is very funny in some places. 1 or 2 references hint a bigger universe and then you see the post-credit scene and your amazingly hyped for everything Marvel. So Iron Man is the beginning of a franchise like no other and it really delivered. It's really enjoyable and you'll love the characters so get out there now and watch it! I don't care if you already have it on DVD just watch it again!

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