Monday, 25 February 2013

OJ's TV Review - Primeval: New World season 1

Wow. After 5 years of Primeval we get a spin-off. How well does it fair?

Primeval: New World is now set in Canada and very much like the UK series you have a main male character and something happens to his wife. This urges him to research about the anomalies and hunt dinosaurs with a few friends. Now in the first few episodes they established and created everything that first 4 series of the UK Primeval did. I mean it took until series 3 to point out that anomalies effect mythology whereas in New World they stated it in episode two. And also some episodes did feel like remakes - a lot; honestly, on some episodes it's like someone got the original screenplay and then just changed names and locations. But apart from all that it was very enjoyable; they kept making references to Primeval every now and again and the ARC plays an role in there too. So I think it is a pretty good spin-off to one of my favorite shows and it even brought new story-lines and events what were quite new but also a lot of plots that we'd seen before back in the UK. It did end on a cliff-hanger like pretty much every Primeval series did and unfortunately it has now been cancelled so we will never see season 2; but like I said, this spin-off was a good run and pays homage to its roots so that was good.
  I suppose that's the end of the Primeval franchise all together now then but I hope people remember this great piece of entertainment.

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