Thursday, 28 February 2013

OJ's Book Review - Code

SNUP! So, the whole idea of the second book was so they could have tech in their base?

   Lol, I'm just joking, but I am glad they used the plot points from Seizure to tie in. In trilogies, the best one is usually the first or the last and in this case it is defiantly the last. Code is most unlike the first two and more darker as well; the whole plot is like something you'd see in a movie and is really fun to follow; every character from the series is in this book as I wasn't expecting to see one or two of them but they all do something with the plot and as you know I like references and this book defiantly referred to a few points from Virals every now and again. Code also referenced things were might see in the future; yes the end of this book certainly sets up a 4th even though I understood it to be a trilogy, so, we'll have to see. In the end I really liked Code and towards the end is a really gripping sequence of events that leave you wanting more - but that's just it, with Kathy Reichs' Virals series it's only really the end that makes it good, the bits before and the beginning I'm not that interested in picking up as soon as I can, I can say I have read others where I've spent every spare minute reading but with these - even though they are good and have a sense of realism using the technical terms - I'm not always drawn straight from the beginning. But if you have read the first two you should defiantly get a hold of Code as it is very good and unearths some interesting secrets.

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