Monday, 11 March 2013


The first Original VS Remake is 1933's King Kong going up against the 2005 remake.


1933 brought us a crazy film maker called Carl Denham who liked filming wild animals and strange things for his movies. And he has a new film to shoot but his lead actress has quit so he accidentally finds a girl while she's stealing an apple and they go off aboard the ship to Skull Mountain - an unknown island of mystery. This movie was pretty good for its time, it had a good plot, characters and good effects in the case of stop-motion which was all the rage back then. The acting was a bit shabby but all in all in was enjoyable and an old monster classic.


In 2005 they upgraded King Kong with CGI, a popular cast and more storyline. Obviously the effects where better, and it was in colour but King Kong in 2005 definitely kept true to the original. There were almost exact scenes, same lines, and same time period. There were of course new things as creatures, characters and plot points and they changed a few things like the beginning the natives being a bit more savage but they were for the good and really improved it.


1933's was good but 2005's was just that bit better, maybe for the effects but more for the story line - there was a lot more to it. But I'm happy they kept very close to the original so the remake wins the first Original VS Remake but that's just my opinions. What do you think?

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