Monday, 3 December 2012

OJ Reviewing: Jurassic Park The Game

Jurassic Park is my probably my all-time favourite movie and now they have a game!

  So I liked Operation Genesis, but this is an actual story, set inside the events of Jurassic Park the film and after. I've never played a game like this before and I really enjoyed it. The graphics were good and the storyline definatly had a few twists. As you play you sometimes expect things and sometimes you don't which is really good. It is split up into 4 Episodes and each episode is like a film of its own with all the credits coming up at the beginning on the screen with Director's names and things that made it feel like you were watching a movie. The characters you start to like and get along with and watching them is fun and then if you are too slow (like me) you get to see them being eaten. The dinosaurs I really liked; they had all the classics from the first film and along with some awesome new ones ans I especially like the places they take you; some parts you never knew existed. The game play was good as well, sometimes there are trick controls and you have to be really quick using the arrow keys (if on PC version) and you have to look for things in some scenery and you may have to do things in a certain order which is good. So overall I really liked the game, probably as much as the movie and will go back through some of he scenarios to get Gold medals as sometimes you get Gold, Silver, or Bronze if you do well.

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