Monday, 21 January 2013

OJ's TV Review - Person of Interest season 1

Eagle Eye!

  I sat down the other day and watched the first season of the new show Person of Interest (not all in one day though). It stars this ex-military man, John Reese, who has lots of skills but has nothing better to do so he joins Harold Finch and becomes a vigilante to people who are going to be in danger. The reason they know people will be part of a crime is that Harold built a top secret machine many years ago that looks at everything and everyone (an Eagle Eye spin-off) and it sends him Social Security Numbers of the people. A very good premise that if gone the wrong way could be very bad, we don't want another Alcatraz. But thankfully this show is really good, but there is a problem; the first episode is probably the worst ever, it went really quick and boring and I don't know why I bothered with the next one because it actually starts getting good around episode 5 and then from episode 8 its brilliant, but you do have to watch the whole series to know the details and things. This season also has a few story arcs, actually 3 by the end and they are really fun to follow. The mystery of Harold's past and the Machine is the primary one but then you also get some more which is enjoyable. So, apart from the beginning this show is very enjoyable with loads of action, more humour towards the end of the season and defiantly some thrills so I recommend it to cop show fans, sci-fi fans and thrill lovers.

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