Friday, 4 January 2013

OJ's Movie Review - Life of Pi

The word has kind of lost its meaning in the world of cinema but anyway to describe this film is, Epic.

 Life of Pi. As you may have gathered from the trailer it is about a boy on a boat with a tiger. Something that could be very boring but in this case, Life of P is the complete opposite. This film blows your mind like no other film. It is just an amazing thing to watch. So, here is what I liked about it: First of all, the story line; it doesn't instantly put Pi on the boat, you get quite a bit of back story and his childhood which is really good and you learn interesting things about Pi and his journey through religion. It is also a story within a story so the older Pi is telling the author of the book about his life; and that plays well with the effects it does interchanging from the story to the present. Now the effects I've just mentioned are absolutely amazing; borderlines, if not better, than that of Avatar, and the photography and camera angles are just amazing; and yes, I got to see it in the spectacular third dimension; the 3D is some of the best I've ever seen and feels like a humming bird really is flying a meter or two away from you. Now, this movie is rated PG, but that by no means is meant it is aimed at children, there are very dark tones in this movie that you wouldn't expect and it delves very deep into life, God, and how you look at it all; I'm sure a little kid would get bored or sometimes scared by some of the scenes. But overall it is a very enjoyable life to watch and you come out still absorbing it all. Life of Pi is one of the best movies of seen and I will certainly want to watch it again.

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