Tuesday, 1 January 2013

The 'OJ' Reviews: 2013 UPDATE

So, the new year has come, the word didn't end and off we hurtle towards Iron Man 3; so I've decided to maybe improve The OJ Reviews every year just make it better or more fun. So below are the new changes you'll be seeing:

  • Post Names - As you may know the title of each review starts with "OJ Reviewing:" but now that is going to change, and the new title will be "OJ's (Type) Review - (Title)"; so when I do, say, Start Trek Into Darkness, it will look like: "OJ's Movie Review - Star Trek Into Darkness"!

  • Original V Remake - Every now and again I will be doing a review post where I shall put an original film or TV Series head to head against the remade version. There will be my views of each one and fun pros & cons. So look out!

Well, those are the only two changes/additions this year so enjoy The 'OJ' Reviews some more, or if your new, SUBSCRIBE!

Don't forget the new Instagram account!)

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