Friday, 20 September 2013

OJ's TV Review - Arrow season 1

After hearing about the upcoming season 2 and a Flash spin-off I thought I'd check out this DC Universe.

  So, I don't really know many DC Characters, and so I'd never heard of the Green Arrow, but I liked the idea of the Flash and so I wanted to see what it was spinning-off from, and I'd heard this Arrow thing was pretty good. So after watching the entire first season, I have to say: I like it! This is an intense series. Arrow is jam-packed full of action, suspense, and loads of mystery; just what I like. I thought the characters were great, and each one had a story line that was interesting. And even though I don't like lengthy flashbacks, I actually enjoyed these, I think for this show it was a good idea. If you watch Arrow, then you'll certainly have a few things to think about between episodes as there can be a twist or two you're not expecting! All together I'd give season one a 9 out of 10 - TIME WELL SPENT.

Sunday, 8 September 2013

OJ's Movie Review - One Direction: This Is Us

Wait, I'm actually reviewing this??

So yes, I watched One Direction's biographical/concert movie. Wasn't planned at all, a spur of the moment thing that wasn't my idea. Anyway originally I thought I wouldn't like this movie and would find it boring because I'm not a fan of One Direction at all because they are very generic and the celebrity gossip side can be annoying. But then I watched a review of it and it peeked my interest. After watching This Is Us I've noticed that they didn't make the group out to be perfect people who are easy going; One Direction do really act like a bunch of teenagers - they literally don't do much at all, they don't write the songs, pick the tour venues or anything. So in that way it shows they're not responsible for a lot of things their disliked for such as copying other people's songs or doing things past boy bands did - that's all down to Simon Cowell. It also shows the strain of being that famous such as the sudden change of life for them and their families had. So the documentary side of it was quite interesting. The movie side of the production (which was basically the concerts) were also quite entertaining, if you do go watch this then definitely go in 3D, this movie has excellent 3D effects, they did that really well, some of the things they did to amplify the 3D was quite clever as well. The bad points about the film is that some parts can be very cheesy such as getting a neuroscientist to explain the effects of 1D on fans; also Harry Styles got a bit annoying constantly going shirtless every time the camera was on. So all in all it was interesting to watch and the pranks at the end were entertaining but I still find them to be a very generic boy band and probably wont watch this movie again ever but for for my only viewing IT WAS OK+.

Monday, 2 September 2013

OJ's TV Review - Falling Skies season 3

Well season 3 of Falling Skies has been and gone now; time sure flies when your having fun.

Last year season 2 ended on what I thought was an epic cliffhanger that I couldn't wait to see what they did with. Now with Falling Skies, there are always a few months between the last scene of a season and the first scene of the new one, in this case 3, so the first few episodes you got to know whats been happening and what last seasons' effects were. Mild spoiler here but new aliens have landed! A small clan of what are called the Volm have appeared, and they have the story of trust issues in the series; two more story-lines then appeared, that which involved Hal, and one involving Tom's new daughter; the former of the two I thought was great and enjoyed it all, the latter, though, not so much, at first it was intriguing but then became quite boring and then made no sense. Even the Volm didn't have much screen time as I expected. So even though this season has my most favorite episode in it, I felt it was the weakest of the seasons we've had so far - mostly because the finale cliffhanger was just not as good as the suspenseful endings of the previous; they have a lot of explaining to do in season 4, that's for sure. All-in-all this season gets a 6/10 so IT WAS OK+.