Monday, 18 August 2014

OJ's Top 5 TV Series That Lasted 1 Season

You know the story, a new television show starts, it looks pretty good. You start watching and half-way through you're really getting into it, and then just a few days later it's announced that it has been cancelled, usually due to low ratings. Well, to celebrate the two year anniversary of The OJ Reviews, here is my list of the top 5 TV series I enjoyed watching until getting brutally cancelled after just one season.

5. Alacatraz

2012's Alcatraz starred Sam Neill (from Jurassic Park) and some other people; the basic premise was that in the 60s all the prisoners in Alcatraz just disappeared, now in the 21st century they've started reappearing and committing crimes. A detective woman and some author start to solve the mystery. From what I remember it wasn't that bad, the actors were your basic television acting but the story, the start off with, was compelling; it was very episodic with your inmate-of-the-week style pattern but with a loose story-arc or two I watched week after week. Now in the end it got cancelled which unfortunately made for a rushed ending and bit of a lame finale. If they had carried on it could have gotten better as it had potential. 

4. Terra Nova

Famous for being the"most expensive television show ever made" Terra Nova came to us in 2011 and was about a colony of humans from the far future who had travelled back in time to the age of the dinosaurs due to there being nowhere to live. I really liked Terra Nova, the concept was cool, the world was interesting, the overall story-arc was a little weak but the individual stories weren't to shabby and the visual effects were for the most part pretty good, I remember watching a huge Spinosaurus and thinking that it was some good CGI. If you wanted some hard sci-fi complete with future tech and dinosaurs then this was the thing to watch. In the end, production costs were too high for view ratings so low and thus it was ended.

3. Almost Human

This year came a new police crime investigating series starring non-other than Karl Urban, a face already known to sci-fi fans. Unlike other series of this genre though, Almost Human is actually set in the future of 2048 which makes for some interesting stories because it isn't just modern crimes with the future as a backdrop, the crimes committed fully embrace the futuristic technology. The characters as well are entertaining; the banter makes you laugh, the script is pretty solid and apart from a very weak series arc due to it's cancellation, I would have definitely watched season 2.

2. Firefly

I know, many people would put this at number 1 on a list like this and I don't blame them; Firefly was a Joss Whedon creation and was about a crew of criminals zooming about space looking for jobs. It had great humour, the stories were solid, characters you took to and just a really unique television series. Unfortunately the Fox channel messed some things up and it never got renewed; there was film to wrap things up but it wasn't as good and a lot of potential had to go to waste.

1. No Ordinary Family

In 2010 No Ordinary Family was brought to our screens; the cast included a few familiar faces and it was all about superpowers. It was good family sci-fi drama, it was fun, enjoyable and the special effects for the powers were good. I liked the relatable tone and the comedy blended well with the serious story-arc. All together it had 20 episodes and I really wish it hadn't have been cancelled. I think it if it was on TV now it would do better as the superhero genre is very big at the minute but No Ordinary Family, along with Firefly, I'd really like to see return.

Well, that's my list. Do you agree with me? What shows do you want to return? You can comment below if you want or give this post a +1 if you enjoyed and share it if you think someone else will too. Thanks for reading; bye!

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