Saturday, 20 September 2014

OJ's Game Review - LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

I love Marvel. I love LEGO. What else is there to say?

So LEGO Marvel Super Heroes was released late 2013 which is when I bought it and planned to review it; unfortunately I didn't read the PC specifications and basically I couldn't play it on my then-current  laptop. So eventually I got a new laptop and here we are!
   This game is your basic LEGO game, you collect studs, you unlock characters, etc. But this time it's Marvel! These characters are awesome, you can fly, you can shrink, you can grow, throw fire, ice, electricity. It's just a roller coaster of powers that you love exploring. The mechanics are nice and smooth, easy to get a handle of. The animation is amazing, the movements of Spider-Man swinging or the transformation from Bruce Banner to the Hulk look incredible. Some of the characters can be a bit generic like construction workers or enemy minions but the majority of the people have unique powers from the X-Men, Avengers, Sinister Six, you have them all. 
    It does have a plot mode which isn't bad. It has some good comedic lines and some of the cinematography was definitely influenced by the films. Also the music, the music in this game is really good, especially when you jump off the Helicarrier. The only down-side I would have to point out was the repetitiveness, because there are so many things to collect you have to redo levels over and over again which for me took some of the joy away. In the end though, this is the first LEGO game of this type I've bought and I am a satisfied customer.


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