Thursday, 13 November 2014

OJ's Movie Review - Interstellar

It's not possible, but it's necessary.

  So, Interstellar; the latest film from the brilliant and awesome director Christopher Nolan. When this film was in production it was wrapped up in so much secrecy that hardly anyone knew what the plot was about and the cast was kept fairly under wraps too. Anyway what can I say about a three hour space epic from the same guy who made Inception? Let's start with the things that don't need mentioning because we know what it's like, the acting is perfect, Matthew McConaughey delivers some fantastic scenes of power and emotion which ultimately takes you all through the movie, you're there for him, you want him to succeed; his daughter as well gives out some pretty surprising scenes, the young actress they got was really good. So on an acting front the film was perfect.
      Now do I need to mention the CGI? Nolan tried to use as little as possible and use as much practical effects as he could which worked amazingly well but then when CGI hit your face, you didn't even notice, wow, the visuals of this film are nothing less than stunning, the planets, space, everything looks beautiful.
   The plot is really what drives a film too, Interstellar is a film which isn't for everyone but it is a unique experience for anyone who watches it. It has some obvious inspiration from 2001: A Space Odyssey but in a good way and it is not a prefect movie in whole. I do have to say it really picks up on the second act, the beginning I felt was quite slow and dragged on a bit and I was hoping it was going to get better, but as soon as they go into the second act it picks up, the story gives you a lot of food for thought, questions that are not very easy to answer and I was definitely thinking about it after the movie ended. Some parts shocked you, some parts will bring you to tears, it is an incredible journey of morals, exploration and desperation.
   The ending I think will split some people, you either love it or hate it; I look at it positively and loved how they depicted certain physical concepts from science. In the end my opinions on it will probably change with every new thought but I will definitely watch it again which says something.


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