Sunday, 1 November 2015

OJ's Movie Review - Spectre

Hail HYDRA!... I mean SPECTRE!

So Bond 24 has come in the form of Spectre and according to the trailers it shows us who has been behind all of Daniel Craig's pain. Did you realise someone was behind it all? Me neither! But who doesn't love some retconning.
  I've not been the biggest of Bond fans over the years, it was just never my thing. In fact I think this is the second Bond film I've properly seen so this review won't be coming from the viewpoint of the last 50 years. I will however say that as a movie on it's own, Spectre is an entertaining thrill. It's got action all over, some well-placed humour and a cracking theme song. All the cast of course was great and especially Craig as the man himself, still believable that he could do all those things. Christoph Waltz was a fantastic villain, but then again, when ins't he? And who I really enjoy a lot is Ben Wishaw as Q; definitely has some great moments.
  Story-wise, it was good and moved along nicely but there wasn't too much intrigue because it wasn't hard to piece together from the trailers and official synopsis' who this big bad was to Bond. And if you knew anything about Bond there is a twist that shocked no-one (al a Khan from Star Trek Into Darkness). Other than that though the stunts were great, the script was on point and all-in-all an enjoyable film. Others have told me this "is how Bond used to be" which is a good thing I assume. Personally I enjoyed Skyfall more but everyone's probably got a favourite. What did you think? Comment below and spread your opinions!


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