Sunday, 4 November 2012

OJ Reviewing: Skyfall

My first ever James Bond film; yes, I really haven't seen any others.

 Wow. Skyfall. My first step into the Bond world was amazing so lets start with the beginning. A lot of the first scene was in the trailer and it was the most action-packed, edge of your seat beginning I've ever seen, and then just as that finishes you get the famous Bond intro which I'd never seen anything like it before so this was really strange but also fascinating and went on longer than I expected. So after that you start the film Skyfall.
  I have to say the whole plot to Skyfall was exceptionally good, a few parts I knew I'd seen in other things but I wasn't expecting them and that was good, I liked the way they set up the villain with all these people who fear him and so you defiantly smell a "rat". The film itself was 143 minuets so you defiantly have a bit to take in and you get a bit of background story to quite a few characters and learning about that was enjoyable. The special effects in this film were very good and a few things they did were very clever and I imagine there were some references to the past. The comedy wasn't as funny as  expected but I just looked over that when  I think of the movie as a whole.
  So, my first Bond film is Skyfall - and  really enjoyed it. One of the best films I've seen this year and recommend it to not only Bond fans but also to the others, like me, who have had little experience because you will enjoy it.

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