Tuesday, 6 November 2012

OJ Reviewing: The Village

I wasn't going to reviews this movie because it was an old one and not a very big one after the brilliant Skyfall but it was so unlike anything I've ever seen before I just had to do it.

 With The Village you can't actually describe the film without spoiling it in some way. It has so many secrets and strange concepts that you can't quite believe it. It is directed by a man called M. Night Shaymalan who has done many secret-surrounded films that can be dark and thus very good; I haven't seen many of his other films so this was a bit of a first and I really enjoyed it. Some people will find the beginning or the whole story a bit boring as it takes a bit to get going for it is very secretive as I said. But I liked it myself and some elements really gave you, not so much a scare, but when you put yourself in the characters' situation. So I can't really say much about it if you ever see it but it is one of the most interesting concepts I've ever seen and I don't recommend it to everyone as it is not a 'feel-good-film' but some people will defiantly not like it and others probably don't know. But after everything I enjoyed it.

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